Usually found on the WV Turnpike in a convoy of mini-vans traveling 45 MPH in a 70 MPH zone(It is a scientific fact that buckeye's are the worst drivers in the world). The typical family has all contents of home tied to the top or strapped to some home made bracket on the back of the vehicle. Most sightings include 10-50 children in the vehicle with all kinds of crap piled up around the windows obstructing the drivers view. This could be why they are always in the passing lane.
What's the definition of a buckeye?

"A Worthless Nut"
by The Anti-Buckeye! December 23, 2005
refers to the anus, especially when used in the context of anal sex.
After Tyrone and Keisha had anal sex, she told his homies "I tapped her in the buckeye".
by YtownSenator June 13, 2004
When someone is standing around you go behind them with your hand in the thumbs up position, and pop them in the ass with your thumb, while yelling out "Buckeye"
John pissed himself alittle when I buckeyed him
by Bausch June 07, 2007
step 1)have anal sex until the person loses control of thier bowels,
step 2) the male ejaculates and the feces and semen form a gooey rechid substance.
step 3) the male seals the female's eyes shut with this substance using his dick
step 4) he slams his penis against her forehead leaving a huge brown mooseprint
--also called the chocolate peanut butter buckeye
guy: hey man last night i gave that girl a buckeye...
friend: you're a sick motherfucker i hope you washed your dick
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
An Idiot (or anyone) from Ohio.
"Stupid fucking Buckeye, doesnt know how to drive a stick in his ass."
by Rackal July 19, 2008
A team that gets owned by the Florida Gators, in two major national championships in a row.
"Those buckeyes got fucked up by Florida again."
by Preston Brown April 10, 2007
1. A small independent manufacturing or farming operation. Origin obscure poss. used originally in Gulf Coast region of U.S.
A small cigar factory. 2. A small dairy 3. A small used car lot
by Leonard Martino January 15, 2005
A warning call made after someone farts, accompanied by raising one hand vertically and placing the thumb upon the forehead as a means of immunity. The last person to call "buckeye" and complete the hand gesture is said to have "ate it". Another way of achieving fart amnesty is by calling gas cap/gas tank/stovepipe and walking to the nearest gas cap, etc. and touching that object.
(Fart noise) BUCKEYE! (by multiple people) You ate it!
by Siiih May 31, 2006

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