can be used as an adjective or a verb to describe anything positive.

That new BMW is bucket

by BJ Ghassemieh May 09, 2006
Bum, ass, butt, dumper
Did you just see that chick's bucket?
by Chops October 02, 2002
Something gangsters yell at two emo looking girls sitting in the middle of the street...
Yo, grumbleruuugrrargh...BUCKETS!!

Also see, Waistful youth
by Grrgh January 24, 2008
uncool, lame, or just unattractive
"You just went to see maid in manhatten wit your girl?"
"Yeah, it was mad bucket, but J lo was hot locoforeal"
by panch0 July 21, 2004
A term of endearment for a loved one, especially someone irresistably cute.
Oh, you're such a bucket, I love you so much! OR Your my favorite bucket in the whole world !
by Er-10 Cricket August 17, 2006
A pleasure inducing device used by Linda Calabretta.
The BUCKET slid gently into her vagina.
by bucket November 19, 2004
the difference between a dumbass and a bucket of shit.
whats the difference between james and a bucket of shit ... the bucket
by AliceCoopper October 25, 2004

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