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The burger king equivalent of the ever popular McGangBang from mcdonalds, that can be enhanced with the addition of any additional sauce burger king actually has.

Order off the dollar menu, the new buck double and a spicey chickn' crisp. Split the buck double in between the 2 all beef patties and put in the entire chicken sandwich, usually adding buffalo sauce on top of it, but any other sauce can be used as a substitute. No sauce is also acceptable. Can also be done with a rodeo burger but those cost an additional 50 cents or so.

Buck Double 1.00$
Spicey Chickn' Crisp 1.00$

Total cost: 2.18$ (In california)
"What do you want from BK?"

"Get me a buck fuck" or for a sexual joke, "Buck Fuck me"
by Eric Muhseeis May 15, 2010
A type of discount prostitution where the price is only a dollar.
That slut over there's a buckfuck.
by o-lol-o May 05, 2010
What queer deer do.
I wanted to shoot the deer but they were buckfucking
by yoink January 17, 2003
Actually a town in Tennessee where the residents all wear fake "Billy-Bob" teeth.
Look at the guy with the Billy-Bob teeth, he must be from Buckfuck, Tennessee.
by FD September 30, 2004
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