one of the biggest losers in the world, one who touches little boys. a pervert
hey look at that bucci
by buccihater March 16, 2006
Top Definition
A person who is in charge of all the tech in a auditorium. Often swears a lot and is a big fan of the F word. Also has lots of keys, power, and privlage; Gets away with everything because of his value.
"Man Bucci has this show under control."

"Hey Bucci how should the lights be for this?"

Hey Bucci what mic should I give her?"
by TheButch February 21, 2009
adj: (b-oo-ch-ee) anything that is fun, cool, awesome, fantastic, or any other word of the same meaning. Used when somthing really makes you want to say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Plus it is really fun to say.
Yeah, it's totally bucci!!
by RenoLightning June 20, 2011
when a pair of clothes make an ass look fantastic.
those pants are super bucci.
by Redwood jr. January 09, 2015
n. A teacher or guidance counsellor who has sexual relations with students.

v. To have sexual relations with a teacher or guidance counsellor (especially for marks).
"He's a total Bucci."

"I want to pull a Bucci with him!"

"Apparently they Bucci in his office everyday."
by mattdamon November 15, 2005
1. noun, I fucking cock boy that spends most of his time loving cock weather its in a cock shower or while eating cock salad. Sits inside of his home to do nothing but beat his dick

2. noun, Normally takes all the girls and your left with T- rex looking bitches.

3. noun, Normally only at 5%-25% while playing sports

4. Takes shits on his friends while screwing them. Also goes with ugly ass women
1. Man that little fucker is a real Bucci
1a. That perv just got gone beating his dick serveral times in a row kinda like Bucci.
2. Hey shes hott but that Bucci took her
3. He dropped the fuckin pass on 1st down, hes being a Bucci
4. Wow that Bucci is going out with sum buttaface women.
by Rod Swan November 28, 2006
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