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2 definitions by mattdamon

Cyber-web abbreviation for "Good going, faggot." (Alternatively, "Good game, faggot.") Used by nerds to express dismay.
{Ben Affleck Clan}Matt Damon: Oh man, it was at bomb site B, not A!
{Ben Affleck Clan}J-Lo: ggfgt!!! 7h3y pWn3d j00!!!!
by mattdamon December 06, 2005
13 7
n. A teacher or guidance counsellor who has sexual relations with students.

v. To have sexual relations with a teacher or guidance counsellor (especially for marks).
"He's a total Bucci."

"I want to pull a Bucci with him!"

"Apparently they Bucci in his office everyday."
by mattdamon November 15, 2005
50 67