A hot make up chick on Youtube.
bubz make up tutorial is hot.
by Bubzfan November 23, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who is very dear to you and one whom you cannot depart from easily.
Oh Norm bubz, i lurve you.
by jieni March 20, 2005
A term of affection, mostly used from a male to a female, used in general conversation.

Guy: Hey there Bubz, whats shaking?
Girl: Hey you, not much, and yourself?
by Zachary Binx April 17, 2006
bubz. is a ski-crew based out of southern ontario.

bubz. films together and can often be seen rolling together.
bubz. also makes clothing under ther name of bubz outerwear the first line dropping spring of 2012.
"damn those niggas in bubz. be killin it"
by bubz. September 12, 2011
Someone who is very dear to you. One who you wouldnt depart from easily.
Norm bubz, i lurve you.
by jieni March 17, 2005
a name that a girl calls her boyfriend. in order for a girl to say that she must be sexy, an animal in bed and must be the best kisser in the world
she's a hot ass bubz hahah
by bubz September 13, 2006
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