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A girl who dates you and then pops your heat like bubblegum and doesn't care.

See song bubblegum bitch by Marina and the diamonds
Guy: she broke my heart like it didnt even matter
girl: she was just a bubblegum bitch
by Perdy April 18, 2013
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Girls who often walk around wearing bright clothes, are stupid, act stuck up and conceited, look kinda good and chew bubble gum ALL THE DAMN a consistent, annoying, loud way. Girls like these often are of low intelligence.
Me and my friend were walking down the street when we saw two bubblegum bitches pass by.
by DJHill February 23, 2004
Has a lot of man candy of different types.
A girl who gets with a lot of different types of dudes.

(azn, black, white; basketball, football, baseball. smart, dumb, loser; etc.)
those bubble gum bitches are good for the chew'n, 32 flavors of nigga she doin...
by Xx.Juicy.xX August 17, 2010

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