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Noun. Individuals who were born or grew up during the bubble economies of the 1990s and 2000s. When used as a pejorative, "Bubble Baby" refers to anyone steeped in the ethos of the bubble era. Bubble Babies, in this sense, are the worst examples of this generation. They are used to having everything handed to them and act as if they are entitled to a life of comfort and prosperity. They tend to view any inconvenience to themselves as arduous and unfair, and never accept blame or criticism no matter how well-deserved.
Did you hear about the new guy? He asked the boss to change the meeting from 10 to 2 because he's "just not a morning person." What a bubble baby!
by Rupert Tenma January 16, 2010
Noun, describing a state of prolonged gastro-intestinal discomfort, typically resolved by flatulating.
Damn, it's dinner time, and I've had this bubble baby since breakfast.
by acedrew December 20, 2009

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