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Being told by someone, as part of a public group of individuals (particularly an online forum), that they stumbled across risque photos of their allegedly hot classmate online, but when prompted to provide a name so all can partake in the Google Images fun, they clam up and leave everyone with e-blueballs. Because after all, the Internet is all about privacy, particularly to the chick who has a pictoral spread already posted. Synonym of "mathgirled".

(Origin/namesake: Bubbadu of AnandTech Forums; see "syringered")
"Hey Mikey, that fully-clothed, Rated-PG teaser pic doesn't look bad at all. What's her name so I can find the rest?"

"I'm not telling..."

"OMGWTFBBQ, we've been Bubbadued."
by AStar617 January 21, 2005
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