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The best human being on the planet. Often hated on by republicans, she is a kickass liberal with a devoted fan club.
Q: I pray to Btags three times a day.

Haters: OMG Btags is soooo mean!
Fan club: Suck it you conservative bitches!
by MJforever July 31, 2009
BTAG aka Big Titted Asian Girl, very hard to find and very in demand.
Did you check out that BTAG, what a fox?
by Dan March 01, 2005
Another term used for "Bitch"

-Yet in an appropriate manor so that nobody will understand what it means
Mom, you're such a fucking B-Tag!
"Whats b-tag?"
It means Beautiful woman!
"Oh, that's nice of you! here's some money!"

Works Every time =]
by Tyler Vance May 26, 2008