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-Brysen Is A White Male, Typically Very Muscular And Has A Great Amount Of Wisdom And Intellect.
Oh Man! Did You See Brysen? I Wish I Was More Like Him.
by FacebookPanda October 29, 2011
white ass white boy that cakes every weekend. but is cool and puts out a front around friends. and usually tends to be a litlle more selfish. otherwise a "fuck boy"
"is jeffery coming to the party

"is jeffery coming to the party?"
"no he is pulling a bitch ass brysen"
by mymotherdidntloveme January 22, 2015
the most awesome god damn panda you will ever meet in your whole life...he is known to be a stalker at times. and at times he will yell. WUTZ UP U DAMN JIGGABOOS...

Brysen is a type of beaner. that likes to watch pandas and he likes to call people pandas. bcuz he thinks that he is a panda and everyone else is a panda poser.
hey did you see that brysen, hes such a panda

yea, i love that panda.
by brysen July 18, 2010
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