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The act of getting so drunk/high that you are past the point of being belligerent. People also refer to you as "that guy."
Dude I don't want to get drunk tonight; I wanna get bryced!
by Matt and Zach March 30, 2008
The act of shoving ones hand into another persons face to either make the shut up or go away.
Guy 1: "Hey Paul wanna hear about my day?"
Paul: "No" *bryced*
Guy 2: "Dude! Why'd ya have to bryce me?
by theunicorn63 July 07, 2011
To lose a game, match, or challenge that one should not have lost. Esp. to be a healthy young male, and lose to an older female in a race. To challenge an opponent, talking trash for weeks before the event, and then to lose the event and make excuses.
When someone talks trash and loses - dude you got Bryced.
by Triathlete August 10, 2012
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