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A term used for the being that particular blonde girls transform into after consuming too much alcohol. When in Brutico format, they often wield spoons, forks or other eating utensils as weapons. The girl also becomes extremely defensive of her friends if someone may pose some sort of threat. It is when this threat is posed that a Brutico may lash out with a utensil of her choosing at the aggressor. This form is capable of maintaining its effect for a matter of minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed.
Ross: Oh no, Dillon turned into Brutico again didn't she?
Shane: Yeah, she's been chasing that guy around for hours trying to attack him with a spoon because he made Rebecca cry.
Ross: Okay, well you know the drill.
Shane: Yep, take cover.
#alcohol #drunk #blonde #funny #terrifying
by Ross Vin December 06, 2006
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