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The combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner all consumed in one meal, because:
1. one woke up too late, or
2. one cannot afford to eat three meals.
1. I'm hungry, go get my brunner at the
2. I need to dig up some change for my try the couch.
by Ange-Tron May 13, 2003
Brunner is a combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When someone eats only one meal a day.
"Today was extremely busy and I only had time to eat a brunner."
by CuteCat621 June 18, 2013
to eat a big breakfast to cover for lunch and dinner.
would you like to join me for brunner tomorrow
by thelazygecko November 16, 2009
A combination of brakfast, lunch and dinner.
Hannah: Why are you eating steak at 10.30 in the morning?
Callum: It's my brunner
by flamer13 December 16, 2008
(Bruh-ner) the combination of any aspects of all three daily meals
brunner is...
1. dinner at brunch time
2. breakfast at dunch time
3. a sandwich as a midnight snack
4. breakfast, dinner, and lunch foods at one meal
5. breakfast and dinner foods at lunch time (any other combonation)
by Kolivna May 08, 2011
A Brunner is a person who resembles Ms. Piggy, Because she is fat, and complains non-stop. Also can be summerized up as Jaba the hut for looks and personality. she is cocky and thinks she is better than anyone. Also someone who cant get any action so relies on taking advantage of drunk guys to get laid. they are generally whores.
Hey look, that Katie is such a Brunner, LETS KILL HER!

Operation Fuck Off Brunner
by Hotty Is Me March 20, 2010
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