a code for any #### that will be consumed in the next 24 hours used commonly so "strait edge" people will not know what is being discussed
"dude u gunna get those brumps for tonight?"

"yeah man thats some good brumps too"
by Nathan October 05, 2004
Top Definition
A British-Chump. A person from England/Britain that is acting foolish, but friendly and likeable.
Richard is such a brump, but we like him!
by eck0731 February 15, 2008
Someone who is lacking social skills, but is still somewhat likeable/ tolerable.
I can barely stand to be around Steve lately. He is such a brump.
by tigerlily69 October 10, 2009
To brump or brumping something or someone. The act of being brumped. Any person. Any emotional feeling. But in no way means fuck.
I don't give a brump.

I'm about to brump you in the face.

What a retarded brump.
by ash104 April 09, 2011
The up or down motion in the toilet you are sitting on in the office caused by someone sitting on or getting off the corresponding toilet on the opposite side of the wall.
Holy crap - I nearly got brumped off the bowl by somebody's big a**.
by roboto999 May 25, 2010
A cross between brogues and pumps
OMGosh, I love your brumps, where did you get them from?
by Dwight95 April 17, 2011
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