Bruce Wayne.

(1) Batman.

(2) Slang for "brew swayin'". The act of swaying around after a few brews, or the man who does so.
(1) FACT: The Green Hornet & Kato kicked Batman & Robin's ass -- on the BATMAN TV show.

(2) Andy and Barney like to take Otis out drinking with them, because he entertains everyone with his Bruce Wayne walk, and his Bud Wiser talk. Later his speech degenerates to Bud Wisecracker, and, eventually, Bud Stupider, until he stumbles himself into the jail cell and passes out for a good night's sleep on a vomit soaked cement floor.
A man at home who has rafters or something he can hang upside down from masturbates on himself.
I was home after my date canceled so I ended up "doing the Bruce Wayne"
by Evolewshun August 11, 2007
Bay Area slang for a male closet homosexual.
These lame Bruce Waynes stay mad at me.
by James Wong September 17, 2005
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