Philopher and martial artist. Founder of JKD. The first asian man to make it big in hollywood, despite his fame coming after his death. Contrary to the belief of a few idiots, he was actually a real-life fighter. However, his actual fighting style was more upright than the movie style he performed. He also took quite a few hits and wouldn't take on hundreds of people at once.
Bruce lee ruled.
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
the only known person that can beat chuck norris
bruce lee can kick chuck norris' ass
by destructo95 June 21, 2009
He Is Martial Arts Personified-----Period. A Word Of Advice --Don't Offend Him - His Family - Or The Shaolin Temple---- Ever.

He has inspired me and many others both on and off camera---- and even though you don't know him personally it's as if you known him your entire life because of his demeanor and aura.

I hope some day I will be able to Spar and absorb the the philosophies of the only person I would ever call Master.

A True Master And One Individual You Seriously Don't Want To Piss Off Both In Life And From Beyond The Grave.
Bruce Lee Is A True Hero, Master, Philosopher and Most Of All Martial Artist------Period.
by Slade Technics January 07, 2007
The only man in the world who can defeat Chuck Norris.
Bruce Lee kicked Chuck Norris' ass in.. One of his movies.
by Ginger ManBread January 21, 2009
One of the very few people to have less than 2 percent body fat.
I wish I was as ripped as Bruce Lee was
by mike fo shizzle to the nizzle December 06, 2007
Bruce Lee is the only man to beat Chuck Norris.
Guy 1: Chuck Norris blows bubbles with beef jerky.

Guy 2: Puft, that is nothing, Bruce Lee blows bubbles with boulders.
by Rizzit Dough'Urban April 30, 2009
The only one that can kill Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris was no match for Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon, once the kung-fu master understood his opponent's fighting style.
by Lexiconartist January 14, 2013
In homage to the late great Bruce Lee, stems the origin of the somewhat dated joke:

"Chuck Norris only lives by one rule: No Asian Chicks."

...Bruce Lee being the only man to have ever kicked Chuck Norris' ass.
Whining: "But Bruce Lee only beat Chuck Norris in a movie! It wasn't real!"

Response: "Get a life, nerd."
by Charles B. Lee-Norris. December 15, 2007
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