A beer cocktail made by adding a shot of Meaghers apricot brandy to a glass of beer.
Simanto: I'd pay 20 scoots for a Bruce Springsteen right now.
GWAR: I know, I ain't leavin' 'til I gets me the best beer cocktail ever.
Simanto: Stop talking like a fag GWAR.
by lord_gold August 02, 2008
Neo Cockney rhyming slang for the Queen
"on this coin is a picture of the Bruce"
"The what?"
"The Bruce"
"The Bruce Springsteen..."
"The Queen!"
by funktrap February 09, 2009
Awesome classic rock singer. Born to Run is an American classic.
Dude Springsteen was cool but when he got the E Street Band he was cooler!
by Eric December 29, 2004
Perhaps the most overrated musician in all of history, recorded and unrecorded. How this guy became so successful is beyond the mind of any sane human.
If Bruce Springsteen's song "hungry heart" plays on the radio one more time, I'm going to be hungry to commit another murder.
by MrDny November 19, 2006
Not only the best songwriter in the world, an awesome guitarist(although he still does not measure up to Eric Clapton)
"in the day we sweat it ou;t on the streets of a runaway american dream, at night we ride to mansions of glory in suicide machines, sprung from cages on highway 9, chrome-wheeled, fuel injected and steppin out over the line" (Born to Run by The Boss)
by BruceSpringsteen June 02, 2005
The single most influential artist on rock 'n' roll history. Songs range in topic from political protest songs like Born in the USA and The Ghost of Tom Joad to love lost songs like Backstreets to fun party songs like Ramrod. Instantly recognizable voice and music. Simply amazing. Some narrow-minded people don't like Bruce because they don't agree with his politics and let that get in the way of enjoying his music.

Main inspirations for Bruce, AKA "The Boss": Woodie Guthrie, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, the Beetles.
"So, what is Bruce Springsteen 's best album?"

"I would say Darkness on the Edge of Town."

"Best song?"

"Something in the Night, Factory, Candy's Room, Prove it all Night, Downbound Train, Last to Die, Jungleland, Lost in the Flood... take your pick."
by xXDarknessOnTheEdgeXx May 19, 2010
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