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1.Partaking in Terroristic activities
2.giving horses sexual stimulation
"sadaam was browning around in a a cave"

" you used to brown horses which are stereotypically brown but now your with Anthony "once you go white you never touch shiite"
by teemz and schwartzie October 23, 2011
a word which replaces common words such as "drowing" can be used in any context or in place of any normal word
Browning in the seets, browning in laughter , browning yourself, danielle is browning "i am browning" go away you browning idiot
by ed browning January 24, 2010
To twist your wrist frantically with your hand pointing up like an Indian dancer.
Hey I saw Indian dancers do Browning at the Bollywood after party.
by Craler March 10, 2010
50 cal M2 Browning Machine gun.
currently used in todays military.

The B.A.R. Browning automatic rifle .30 cal M1918A2

Also Browning semi-auto shotgun, and Hunting line.
I kept the car off our tail by using the Browning on his engine.

guy1- "Browning is going crazy!"
guy2- "what the 50?"
guy1- "no, Spc Browning... with the Browning"
Spc Browning- "Get Some, taliban!"
by Browning October 29, 2007