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n. shit
Be right back...I gotta go put the Brown October to sea.
by Kracky May 09, 2003
a long, dense, tubular turd that sinks to the bottom of the bowl
I just launched the brown october and it left a nice skid mark.
#shit #turd #poop #no. 2 #stinky
by Shitonya Brown October 25, 2007
Similar to the infamous Russian stealth submarine "Red October," the Brown October is a shitmarine dump that immediately disappears once in the water. The Brown October is loyal to no one and has its own mission and agenda.
Brian had been on a steady diet of steak and potatoes and his lower intestines had been busy creating a undercover special ops project. Brian had become constipated having not taking a shit in nearly 5 days, so he decided to drink some prune juice to get things flowing. His lower intestines released a Brown October into the toilet bowl and the shitmarine immediately disappeared to a depth of 2 fathoms to avoid being spotted.
#ghost dump #submarine #poop #crap #shit
by Big Lud the Stud September 25, 2014
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