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Men who engage in non-sexual relationships with other men for money.

From the documentary Brostitute with Tim Roth

This documentary takes a closer look at the seedy world of brostitution and brostitutes. This film digs deeper than any other film has when it comes to this secret world of bro-on-bro non-sexual love for profit.
I'm new in this town and I have this huge plasma TV to watch the 'big game,' but I don't know anyone yet. I don't want to watch it alone so I hired a brostitute or two to come over and just 'hang.'

by The REAL Bambino September 06, 2010
A freind who says "I'll be your best freind if..." alot. He is bassically selling his freindship for money.
Garrett: I'll be your best freind if you buy me lunch today.
Brandon: You sir, are a brostitute.
by TTT of Your Face February 08, 2010
When a bro is easily taken control of by a simple wad of cash, usually for a sexual thing but there are exceptions...
Tim: Bro help me out I didn't study for the biology midterm and you already took it!

Bob: I dont know.....

Tim: waves a wad of 1's

Bob: 1) a, 2) d, 3) c, etc..

Joe: What a Brostitute.
by SexyDescriber October 13, 2011
Brostitute: Acting as a "bro" at any time or at any request. This is the most loyal form of being a bro.
Guy1: Hey bro, can you pick up some chocolate for me? I wanna impress a chick.
Guy2: It's almost midnight, but..sure bro, what kind?
Guy1: That double-sized box at that other walmart like 15 miles away.
Guy2: Dang, that's a bit away, but don't worry..I got this.

Guy2 is an example of a brostitute.
by Aresdos February 21, 2014
a man who sells his body for money or really good coupons.
Ken: "I heard jake is a brostitute."

John: "yeah, I know, he's got great coupons."
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
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