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Broomrape is an act of sexual assault with a broom handle, usually followed by the brush, depending on the slackness of the victim. Originally used as a sadomasochistic act of foreplay, it is now more commonly used as a way of describing an convincing victory.
"I just destroyed some guy on counter-striker. I seriously broomraped that guy."

"I can't believe the broomraping I just got."
by Eggy McMuffin April 06, 2009

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It's a flower, check it out at wikipedia
I looked up broom rape on wikipedia thinking it would be about people being raped with brooms, but it turned out to be a flower.
by DvdBengals October 20, 2007
The acting of raping with a broom.
Jeffrey Dahmer died from broom rape.
by emd421 November 23, 2008