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A lesbian who has slept with multiple (more than one) male partners and was never aroused.

This further solidifies their identities as lesbians.
Woman : I thought I was a lesbian, but tried to be straight (slept with multiple male partners). I figured out that I was in fact gay due to the lack of enjoyment and arousal. Thus I am a bronze star since I had multiple sexual partners of the opposite sex.
by blairian August 04, 2009
It's a course you take after Swimming level 10. It is optional, but you have to take it if you are under 13 and you want to become a lifeguard. You can go straight to Bronze Medallion if you are 13 and if you passed Bronze Star, you can go to Bronze Medallion even if you are not 13. Bronze Star is a very difficult course. You must carry 10 pound objects for 3 minutes, learn dry/wet CPR and many more...
P1: Are you going to take Bronze Star?
P2: Totally!
P1: Dope!
by Baaaka July 18, 2013
Award given for the act of saving a fellow soldier's live while in combat; or "an award given for the act of saving a fellow soldier's live while in 'combat' when that combat enemy is actually a exploding pile of rice seized from the VC in order to mock a future political rival for not having such fallacious achievements from 30 years ago."
John Kerry saved Jim Rassman from a rice pile after placing yet another poorly-placed grenade and was awarded not only a Bronze Star, but a Purple Heart as well for his efforts.
by DoctorGrey September 29, 2004
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