Male fanatics of an animated show for little girls called My Little Pony. They are either homosexuals/bisexuals or heterosexuals who will be converted into homosexuals/bisexuals in the future.

They will defend this with the pride they do not have and claim that you have a masculinity complex and are afraid to be effeminate because you'll look gay. This is a contradiction since everyone knows that there are masculine gay's also e.g. (Prison).

Most of them seem to have bestiality fetishes and even worse pedophilia, this can be seen in the memes made by bronies which sexualise the show and receive many likes and comments by bronies e.g. (any meme website that allows such content).
This is one of the lighter posts (not too sexualised)
Meme Website:
Post = My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - What pony do you would kiss?

Likes = Over 20

Brony Comments -

2.No question, I would kiss AJ. And I would make the absolute most of it. To the point where it would make Big Mac a little uncomfortable.

3.If i was a girl… or gay… i would totally kiss shining armour to piss the living hell out of cadence… sounds gay… but cmon, that would be hilarious.
(now here you can see how this show slowly alters the mind, "If i was a girl... or gay" - don't worry continue like this and you will be)
by (>'0')> February 20, 2013
A Brony is a male person who is a fan of the TV series named My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, typically at the age of 13 or older. If you're female on the other hand, you would be known as a Pegasister. The plural for this term is Bronies, and the plural for the female term is Pegasisters.

The Internet.

The exact date of its origin is unknown, but it came into usage somewhere after the year 2010.
The word consists of two terms: Brother (Bro) + Pony.
Pronunciation: Bro-Knee
Example 1: Hey mate. Did you know that my father is a Brony?
Example 2: Hey mate. Did you know that my mother is a Pegasister?
by James William Smith January 12, 2015
A fan of the popular show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, fans tend to be male, form the ages of 14 and up. They are often found on sites like tumblr, facebook, twitter, anywhere you would go. They tend to get alot of hate through at them for no reason, mostly from trolls that cant get a life. Bronys are however a wonderful group that you can easily get along with, even if you don't like the show. Many are artistically talented and have a well functioning community. Bronys often add eachother as friends simply because of being a brony. Bronys are a fine example of how a society should function.

Unfortunately there are some who call themselves anti-bronys. usually a 7 year old that is mad because he can't get his way. The like to infiltrate and ruin things from the inside. Think of your bronys as capitalist america and the anti-bronys as every communist nation in the world. anti-bronys use common insults such as (faggot, homo,queer,horse fucker,ect.). warrning if you see an anti brony on a website or a game server, perma-ban at once.
Brony:*joins server*Hey guys whats up, anyone like mlp?
non-brony:not a fan but I don't hate it Im just not into it
anti-brony: Faggot go kill your self you horse fucker!
Brony: hey thats really unpleasant and rude.
anti-brony: Shut up you faggot. kill your self
Brony2: hey thats not nice you shouldn't say that to people
anti-brony: go eat a dick fag
ADMIN: *bans anti-brony for harassment and being annoying. duration: permanent*
Brony: yay!
by Empress Celestia July 08, 2015
A male viewer of the show "my little pony: friendship is magic" Stereotyped to be either pedofiles or gay. However a brony is simply a male who enjoys watching this show.
Hey dude did you catch that new episode?
Yes man, twilight sparkle was soooo rad
I am soooo happy I'm a brony
by samisnotmyname March 29, 2015
What the adult and teenage fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, usually males, refers themselves as.
" I am a brony."
by Jakey Pie March 14, 2015
A word used to refer to a fan of the show My Little Pony, normally the new revived version of the show known as generation 4 or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It suddenly became popular when released in 2010, especially in America and it is known there are now millions of bronies spread worldwide.

Plural: Bronies

The majority of these people are male and around the age of 20 although this varies widely.
Many non-bronies seem to think all male bronies are gay/bisexual/pansexual ect.
This, however, is a common misconception.
The children's cartoon is well known for appealing to its adult fans, great animation and interesting characters which are not something you would normally see in a kid's show. Despite being known as a programme for young girls, in reality the creator of the new version (Lauren Faust) made it for families.
A brony is often a happy person. They could be anyone, even people you wouldn't expect; for example, the most popular girl/boy, the geeky quiet girl/boy or your best friend.
Girl: Oh, so you like My Little Pony? Me too!
Boy: Really? That's cool. Favourite pony?
Girl: Fluttershy. She's just like me, although a bit girlier.

Boy: Same! She's adorable.
Girl: Yeah, I agree. You sound like an awesome brony.
by Emberskaii January 03, 2015
1. A technical adult that watches the show My Little Pony for fetishistic zoophiliac autoerotic reasons, identifiyng its entire persona after its anti-natural disorder.

2. A particularly large, sticky, spiky piece of shit that not only refuses to come out, it also stings and makes a mess in the end, i.e. the worst kind.
1. I like rainbow-colored erect oversized shemale horse penises better.

2. Dammit, I wasted an entire TP on that fucking brony over there. Don't enter for at least 35 or 45 minutes.
by SHITCOCK March 01, 2015
A brony is an adolescent or adult male who is a fan of the show "My Little Ponies." The fact that they exist shouldn't at all be surprising because the vast majority of adults enjoy watching some cartoons made for children. Men who fall into this category have no problem accepting that fact, and they're generally very chill, cool guys. A few are still secretly bronies because they don't want to be viewed as strange or different. As with all groups of fans, there exists a small offshoot of people who are perverted and deranged. These are referred to as pervonies. They consist of fan fiction writers and fan artists whose work is filled with sexually explicit and/or macabre subject matter loosely based on the "My Little Ponies" cartoon. This group also includes consumers of such material.
"Hey man, I heard you like My Little Ponies. Isn't a guy fan of that show called a brony?"

"Yeah. It's actually pretty cool. You should check it out."

"I dunno. It sounds kinda gay to me"

"Uh-huh. And I heard you're a fan of Sailor Moon and Pokemon. What's the difference? Ponies and kid's little anime characters seem on the same level to me."

"You got me there bro. I might check out a youtube clip or something."
by Vertigo Girl January 26, 2013

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