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Words used by bros to replace standard noun forms. Such as "Bro", "Dude", "Man", "Guy", and occasionally "Cuz".
"Bro, try this PJ"
"Bro, I love you Man"
"Dude was all over that shit"
"Guy, want some food Bro?"

All of these are Bronouns.
by Maticores September 13, 2008
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Any noun or proper noun that has been purposefully altered to include the word 'bro'. Typically this is used in words containing a syllable that already rhymes with bro as this simplifies the integration. This rhetoric is most commonly observed among male friends addressing each other.
Ex. 1
Guy1: "What's going on bro biden?"
Guy2: "Not much, brorack brobama. How's things?"

Ex. 2
Guy1: "Yo, broseph, can I get a spot?"
Guy2: "What's the matter, can't handle the broflex? Yeah, I gotcha, don't worry, I'm a brofessional."
Guy1: "Quit dropping the bro nouns and help me."
by unoit! March 23, 2011
A bronoun is any exclusively masculine pronoun used in place of traditional masculine pronouns, including but not limited to, dude, bro, cuz, homie, homeboy, man, guy, etc.
Do you really have to use a bronoun every time you refer to my boyfriend? I know you don't like him, but come on.

"Let me know when homeboy is out of the picture and you wanna hook up."
by Smashertown December 07, 2010
Term used for golf enthusiasts that insist on farting on other dude's ladies.
"Damn, this Bronoun over here is really stinkin up the course."
by Karl Johanson December 13, 2006

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