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The social science that studies the lives of "bros"
Brojangles: Hey broseph does the bro-juice work better if I inject it in my ass?

Brosiphious maximus: bromontana what are you brotarded or something? Ofcourse the ass is the best place for bro-juice

Brojangles: how do you know bro?

Brosiphious maximus: bro its simple bronomics

Brojangles: wow im gana be such a brosephorus rex
#broseph #brojangles #broski #bromontana #bro
by Brosiphious the Third October 11, 2009
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The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth in the form of bromance, favour s, and jokes between bros.
I should really help my bro move into his new place, otherwise that will negatively impact on our bronomics.
#bae #baenomics #economics #bronomics #gainz #science
by bae watch April 01, 2015
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