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bronagh means sorrow
bronagh is unique, a one of a kind person, she is very beautiful to look at and does not see this herself. Bronagh is sexy and has amazing curves . bronagh has a brilliant sense of humour and fun to be with. she is very career orientated and has a positive outlook on life. bronagh does not like to be wrong about anything and is argumentative! an amazing person and fun to be around...Bronagh is perfect.
by stepup May 07, 2011
The sort of beautiful girl you meet through random chance (like at a bus stop) and want to know closely for the rest of your life. A challenging, crazy, baffling, bumbling but most of all an amazingly talented, stunning, funny and nice girl that brings warmth to your heart with the faintest flash of a smile.
Joey Joe-Joe: Hey, how did you meet your girlfriend anyway? She's breath-taking!

Mortimer Murdermany: *sigh* It sounds ridiculous, but I met her at a bus stop one day on our way to class.

Joey Joe-Joe: Ah! A real Bronagh then, huh? I should have known.
by Optimal Eight May 28, 2011