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A person who is creeped out by another's bromance.
When I told John I was a big GSP fan, he got all creeped out. I had no idea he was bromophobic.
by Nate LaVelle August 08, 2011
A phobia for bros. ie. Scarred/deathly afraid of bros, either of becoming one or coming in view or contact with one.
Alexander never comes out of the house to hang out with his friends because they are friends with bros.
Alexander is bromophobic.
by Lori C. November 27, 2007
Someone who is completely against friendship or interaction of any kind
Since Dylan started playing Black Ops hes been pretty Bromophobic
by Fillbilly April 04, 2011
The fear that one's brother (or best guy-mate) may be gay.
"So your little brother doesn't play football and would rather listen to Britney Spears on his pink iPod? There's no need to be bromophobic"
by hollyjade July 04, 2009
Bromophobic is a play on the word "homophobic" combining it with word "bro". Bromophobic implys that an individual has a great dislike for individuals whom have a bro-like personality.
Dude I can't go to the bar with all those football players I'm bromophobic.
by Asiko December 04, 2015
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