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After a man and his bro’ take their bromance to the next level they brocreate - literally or metaphorically. Often times this leads to bromantic-complications when one bro’ meant it casually and the other was in it emotionally.
"Dude, Alex! Mario Lopez and I finally brocreated after a I popped a broner watching him move my fridge. It was so bromantic!"
by M.A.C.E. & Associates February 27, 2009
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verb, -ated, -ating

The act of sex between a bro and a bro ho (a.k.a. bro hoe), that results in the production, intentional or otherwise, of offspring. The bro and his ho need not be married, and typically are not. The act of sex may have been preceded by excessive consumption of cheap beer, or use of illegal substances. The bro's hat remains on his head during this act, as it does at all times.
"I was walking through the bro parking at the shopping center today, and I saw a bro and his ho trying to brocreate in the back of his bro truck. I barfed as soon as I realized what I was looking at."
by bycrom February 08, 2009

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