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A "perfect man" in the eyes of a woman. Taken from the 'Ken' male doll of the 'Barbie' series of dolls/toys. Like the toy, a Ken is expected to have perfect hair, lots of stylish clothes, and a multitude of accessories. Kens are also expected to have the same jobs as the Ken doll: see Baywatch Ken, Doctor Ken, Ken (Prince), Ken (Ski Champion), Prince Ken, Rock Stars Ken, Lawyer/Office/Business Ken.
"I met a wonderful woman, but my nice car, good job, good looks, manners, devotion, and unwavering love weren't good enough for her. She is still waiting to find her Ken."
by bycrom February 08, 2009
An overturned vehicle, usually a bro truck, whose unnecessary lift caused the center of gravity to be raised to a point wherein it contributed to the overturning of the vehicle. The overturn is usually initialized by poor bro driving, excessive speeds on a standard turns, or impact of another bro truck.
"I was late to work because there was broverturned vehicle blocking traffic at the intersection."
by bycrom February 07, 2009
A barbecue, planned, put on, or attended, by bros. This may be a special occasion, or simply dinner. This is a main social gathering for bros, since there is NOTHING else to do in areas where they typically reside.
Note: "Being Extreme!" is not something to do.
"We wanted to reserve the clubhouse for a graduation party, but it was already reserved for the nightly brobecue"
by bycrom February 08, 2009
A vehicle that was overturned as a result of a collision with a bro truck.
"A family of three died in their broverturned vehicle after they got hit by a speeding bro truck."
by bycrom February 07, 2009
verb, -ated, -ating

The act of sex between a bro and a bro ho (a.k.a. bro hoe), that results in the production, intentional or otherwise, of offspring. The bro and his ho need not be married, and typically are not. The act of sex may have been preceded by excessive consumption of cheap beer, or use of illegal substances. The bro's hat remains on his head during this act, as it does at all times.
"I was walking through the bro parking at the shopping center today, and I saw a bro and his ho trying to brocreate in the back of his bro truck. I barfed as soon as I realized what I was looking at."
by bycrom February 08, 2009
The acronym and slang for the Inland Empire area of Southern California.
"We couldn't find our way out of the IE, so we looked for bro trucks, and drove in the OPPOSITE direction until we reached the safety of the coast."

"If you want to go to the IE, look for a truck with a barbeque grill in the back, and follow them home."
by bycrom February 07, 2009
The ugly Scion brand concept knockoff of the Honda Element. This boxy vehicle was marketed to a target audience of high school boys who typically cannot afford to purchase a more expensive and better quality vehicle like a Honda Element. For unexplained reasons, it is quickly becoming a favorite vehicle among bros who are giving up their fuel inefficient bro trucks due to high gas prices. Scion provides fairly numerous accessory kits, but all the owners tend to buy the exact same ones, failing to individualize their vehicles. Because so many kits are available, most owners never install true "custom" modifications.
"I thought I saw a milkman driving down the street today, but it was just a white xB"
by bycrom February 07, 2009

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