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When one "bro" (typically a frat boy) engages in a sexual act with another "bro", regardless of whether or not the two "bros" are actual biological relation.

Potentially the consensual form of brorape.
Todd: Hey bro, me and Chad banged last night.
Brad: That's brocest, bro.
by fazer1 January 27, 2011
When one bro has sex or does sexual activities with another bro, regardless of if they are related or not
Matt: Me and clint did it last night bro.
Joe: Thats brocest bro.
by Brosephh32 October 04, 2011
What you call incest when two kids are kicking your ass on CoD:MWF2 and giggling on the microphone about it.
"Wtf is this shit on my tv? Incest? Brocest? GTFO."
by Anasaki March 07, 2010