Top Definition
1. your bro that is so close to you that he is also your baby.
2. combo of Bro and Baby.
Warning:do not take this term lightly.
me and my broby played COD all night!
by colt. 45/ Rayby. July 26, 2010
When you adopt a baby with your bros

1. Person: Boys lets adopt a bro-by!

Others: Hell yeah !
by emton99 December 28, 2015
1. a person who has uncontrollable urges with a keyboard.
2. someone who thinks netgames are rigged.
3. someone who's a sick, sick, person
by Anymonus April 25, 2005
like boobies. but for a bro. man boobs. nuff said.
bro, you got some major brobies.
by gottalovedabros August 07, 2010
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