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n. rhymes with home, shortened form of broham
1. A close male friend, buddy, a bro, brother.
2. bro
3. brah
4. brosef
Yo broam, you wanna grill some skrillets on the grill skrill hoam skillet?
by Squim Pimbleton August 04, 2009
A get together with all your bros or friends and you hang out and make memories.
"yo wanna have a bro-am this weekend?!"
by errrrraad January 29, 2009
It is the amalgamation of being a bro, and being on the roam. Bro's Roaming, broaming. Commonly used in the game Darkfall Online.
Whiny Baby Zealot: Why do you guys sit in your hamlet dueling like fags all day when you could be out roaming for mad pvp?!

Baller DHW: Looks like Zealot's on the roam again. Just some bro's roamin', broamin' it. Hope they find pvp so their vagina's stop bleeding.
by WYLDSYDE August 27, 2010
try to get some where quick on mission, focused on your destination
i was on the broam last night
by Christine Smith July 19, 2005
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