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Also known as "The Venice of New York," Broad Channel is a small island community located in Jamaica Bay. Two-thirds of the island is uninhabited by humans, as the northern portion of Broad Channel is home to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (JBWR). JBWR is a premier birding site, and attracts many visitors and scientists from around the world.
Broad Channel is home to over 4000 people, and is predominantly middle-class. Homes are becoming expensive, as people who wish to be near their work Manhattan also would like to go home to a quiet, safe neighborhood with a great school (P.S. 47 Q.). And being just a five minute drive (or thirty minute walk) to stunning Rockaway Beach also makes this location desirable.
Most Broad Channelites are proficient boaters and fisherpersons. The majority of homes are waterfront, because the entire west side of the island is a series of canals (hence the 'Venice of New York' moniker).
Broad Channel is home to a small variety of shops and eateries, though that number is growing all the time. There are also two children's playgrounds, two very large sporting fields, and a large park with multiple handball, tennis, and basketball courts. The public library is lovely, and is staffed by wonderful people. There is a Catholic church and a Presbyterian church on the island, and many more temples, churches, and chapels are just a five minute drive away.
Visit this beautiful, friendly neighborhood and enjoy!
Broad Channel is beautiful!
by JennBC November 11, 2006
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