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Bro-sprawlsex (-1.085)
The act of unnecessarily taking up as much space as possible with one's body. This is often performed in public places and is done despite the seeming discomfort of the position. Usual variations include wide-spread legs, and a leaned-back, nearly reclining, posture with arms outstretched, possibly resting on nearby objects or people. This pose is most-commonly assumed by those known as "bros," who can be identified by satorial markers such as polo shirts, popped collars, pastel colors, and flip flops or other forms of boat shoes. If bro-sprawl is performed outdoors, a baseball cap and beer in a plastic cup are also likely to be involved.
"There were no seats on the train because some guy was bro-sprawling all over the place."
"Hey man, your bro-sprawl is so epic you take up at least three desks in lecture class."
by Unheimliche April 20, 2013
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