Brian Holden's Fan-Girls
Brian Holden sure has alot of Bro-Ho's!
by Dalekdude October 07, 2011
A broho is a young woman who surrounds herself with bros. She doesn't like to hang out with other females, but instead enjoys the company of only bros. She doesn't date them, but is just their friend and sometimes likes to act in a bro-esque manner.
Steve: So do you wanna have a bro night tomorrow?
John: Yea that'd be cool. But you know Ashley is gonna want to come?
Steve: Of course she is. She's such a broho.
by brosephela July 19, 2010
The most ridiculous people you might ever meet. Hair worn in a half black and half white/blonde fashion and never completely straightened through, fake'n'bake orange self tanner appyed to the skin reguarly to get a nice orange glossy glow . There clothing style ranges from many different types , from the classic style to the new and improved SRH ,and do not forget the skater trucker hats with a catchy saying or picture printed on top. These girls consume their time mostly with getting drunk , making out with as many girls and guys as possible, and driving in the passanger seat of white raised truck listening to KMK. If you can not locate the "Bro-Ho" in any of these various places you might want to check your local myspace internet page and see if they are posting a picture with a peace sign ,half naked, and photoshopped almost past recognition .Once you have located your "Bro-Ho" you might have a vivid conversation with her. This conversation will mostly consist of one of the following catergories..<br>
(b)white rimmed sunglasses
(c)dirt bikes
(d)peroxide used as hair dye
and finally they might just say they "DGAF" about you.
"Bro-Ho's" are an odd breed and hopefully will become exsistinct one day , in the mean time come together , join me in stopping fight against the "Bro-Ho's".
"Do you like my new myspace picture?"

"No you look like a freakin' Bro ho"
by em-c July 17, 2006
A ho who bangs bros
Jessica is such a broho
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
Male platonic friends you spend time with more than spending time with your girlfriend.
Girlfriend speaking: "You spend way too much time with your Bro' Hoes it's like you're dating THEM!"
by CtlAltDlt March 19, 2009
A lady, woman or female friend.
Guy: what's up bro?!
Girl: I'm not a guy...
Guy: sorry I mean broho!

She's my broho.
My girlfriend is my best broho.
by KYenn2 July 10, 2012
A girl in high school-college/university. Bro Ho's hang out with guys all the time, even though guys don't wan't to be "just friends". They don't have many girl friends because they are jealous and/or intimidated by the Bro Ho's. They wear make-up all the time and post pictures of themselves on facebook to make them look better than they actually are. Bro Ho's do not have a high IQ but are as rich as f*$k because of their parents and spend the money on slutty clothes, pimped-out trucks and gigantic Starbucks drinks. Bro Ho's flirt A LOT even though they are not looking for a real relationship and cannot be taken seriously in one.
1: "Hey, did you see that chick over there!"

"That ain't a chick, that's a Bro Ho!"

2: "I think Emily really likes me. She's HOT and she flirts with me all the time!"

"Nah, she's does that to every guy. She's just a Bro Ho."

3: "Did you see Sarah over there? Yeah, she's DEFINITELY a Bro Ho!"
by yetties539 April 08, 2012

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