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A usually attractive white girl living from 661 to 909, mainly SoCal. Attire and make up consist of black eyeliner to a raccoon appearence, an etard shade of lipstick, clothes go from any thing in a No Fear or Tillys store with an occaisonal zebra print. Shorts or skirts usually black dickies or denim and are way too shortshowing either their accumulation of celulite or the animal print thong. A bro ho is never seen alone, they are usually engaged in the daily routine of bumming cigerettes or rolling at a mall or any public area. Over emphasizes the words fool, DGAF, and, fuck. Only dates bros but will make friends with any social groups but always thinks they are better than anyone they meet. makes a good friend if you always have money on you because they are the biggest mooches you will meet, and will always say they got people and use their bro and bro ho friends as back ups even though they are just as big of a pussy. Lives in upper class suburbia but thinks they are thugs. You are better off not coming across these spoiled sluts.
Nah fool my bro ho DGAF's her shit
by 661 July 24, 2008

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