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Old english word that means "peace and beauty". Around 1100 AD, scholars would write they were "waiting for Brittyn" who was an Irish goddess known to be able to cast a spell of peace. She would through her golden locks from side to side and chant "Be my Bouder", which meant one who makes me feel safe and well. Warring tribes would then set down there arms in peace. Some think her name was the inspiration for naming the country Briton as she was so widely held as a powerful visionary.
By the power of Brittyn I'll beg you not to cross that line!

Aye the brittyn be holding back the tides of war.
#syn; peaceful #beautiful #powerful #majestic #leader #common misspellings are britton #brityn and britty.
by Carl Brooks, Phd. October 26, 2005
An awesome rocker chick with lots of sass. She loves classic rock, and heavy metal. She is pretty bad ass. A Brittyn has amazing eyes, and beautiful long hair. They are some of the most friendliest and amazing people you will ever meet. They always know how to make you smile, and will always be willing to have a jam session with you.
Dude 1: Did you see that girl walk by?
Dude 2: The girl wearing the Nirvana shirt?
Dude 1: Yeah dude. She's a Brittyn
by superflybutterfly November 12, 2015
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