The perfect woman, she's beautiful, smart sexy. The ideal woman a man could have. She's goofy awkward, caring, the most loving woman a man could imagine. She is literal perfection. Any man that would skip her up or hurt her is literally the stupidest man alive. Of you could marry a girl like her you are beyond lucky. She is literally perfection in a woman's body. If you find her keep her and never let go. Marry that girl and have children with her. She will make your world to. Best imaginable heaven you could think of. She is the perfect beauty. The most beautiful body and person you could ever imagine having the chance of meeting.
Brittany the most beautiful woman in existence.
by Jabbathetim December 14, 2014
Brittany's are gamer girls that hang out with the guys girls get on her nerves but she has a couple close friends that she would do anything for that are female. Shes loves the out doors and loves to sing to different types a music. Brittany's are typically blonde but change there hair to a darker color. Brittany's aslo have a great since of humor and love messing around but are still very intelligent and smart. Brittany's get their feelings hurt easily but hold all they're hurt inside and let it come out when they cant keep it down anymore. Brittany's will always be there for you no matter what.
Brittany is awesome!!
by psycoticfreak September 21, 2011
brittanys are always amazing. they are cute, funny, sexy, sweet and laugh alot. always fun in bed, beautiful, and talented, the world could be hers. she is usually a "good girl" to the people that dont know her but is a "bad girl" at heart. she parties hard, loves her friends, and has her heart owned by the one perfect guy.
dude, your so lucky... brittany is so hott.
by halfasiaan18 February 05, 2010
The most awesome name ever other than ice cream.
Person one: Oh I hear her name is Brittany.
Person two: Oh, speaking of Brittanys, let's get ice cream
by baby eating narwhal February 21, 2011
The girl of my dreams who i cang get out my head who will always brighten up my day. The girl whos name cannot be spoken in some parts of New York cuz ill fuckin apear out of no where like batman. The girl who can always be coutned on even when ou feel betrayed. The girl who no matter what looks beautiful just because she is who she is, not to mention she has a slammin body that most people can only dream of and wish theu could have. The girl who deserves much more than you can give and trying to marry her would be disrespectful because she deserves your whole life to spend one minute with her. Finally the girl who can make me smile even when im mad at her
Brittany is so beautiful you cant look at her unless you wear two pairs of sunglasses.
by Bam678910 July 16, 2014
Can be also called Brit, Piney or Pinestine. She defies logic as she is blonde and smart, although is known to say the stupidest of things. Basically she is just downright awesome. She stands up for what she believes in, and is willing to fight for her friends, except for when confronted by moths- then she will run in the opposite direction. At first, she seems mature and slightly shy, but once you get to know her, it is hard to shut her up. She will be the first to point out a hottie across the room. She is the epitome of special, as she as her own way of doing and saying things, for which her friends both laugh and respect her. Has her own time, as she is always at least 45 minutes late, except on one occasion, where she had a shower at 3am in the morning, thinking it was 6.

Brittany is a truly amazing friend.
Friend 1: I like Brittany.
Friend 2: You like Brittany?
Friend 1: Not in a creepy way. I like her as a shoe.
by ayemeg ;) July 11, 2011
she is a amazing sister, but sometimes likes to get mad when she doesnt have her own way , she is a very nice person , but she will leave you for her lover , she might just ignro you and things might never be the same. shes kinda a gangster , acts like one but isnt . she talks the talk and walks the walk . she is narley !
hey wanna ride my skate borad ,

sure dude !

wow , dude that was narley man.

hey , wanna go back to my house and feed my gold fish and then listen to wheel of fortune?

uhh , sorry braa im to narely to hang with old people.

but ... im 18 ?

* brittany runs away with the skate borad.
by darkvader69 November 05, 2010
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