Miss America's Sweetheart! Brittany is an attractive, out going, and hilarious women. She has a good heart and puts everyone before herself. She's there for you whenever you need her and has your back 100%. Brittany lives life to the fullest, laughing, and having a great time. She is a little blonde and ditzy at times but thats her. Literally everyone loves Brittany. She's beautiful and smart and loves to make everyone laugh. It's usuaslly difficult to get on Brittany's bad side but if you do, watch out! She will not tolerate any bullshit, lies, and disrespect! Not only is she a good hearted person but shes very wild and kinky when you close the bedroom door. ;p All around Brittany is wonderful, cute, outgoing, funny, smart, sexy women! So be jealous! ;p
Damn, this Brittany girl seems like the perfect girl for me!
by bflickc October 18, 2011
A Brittany is someone who will seem extremely sarcastic and badass at first encounter..but underneath all that you'll discover a caring and very sweet individual. The true Brittany is full of humour and wit that will have you smiling non stop, but don't let a Brittany know that she's amazing because she will flat out agree 700% and you will witness firsthand how massive her ego is. Oh, and if you happen to get one to admit that she loves you, that will be the exact moment that you'll be captured for life and you will never be able to return to a life without a Brittany. You're in it for life once she makes that simple yet profound declaration. True story bro. Trust me on this. (Don't be afraid though because Brittany's are very wonderful humans to keep around for your entire existence.) if you have a Brittany in your life, consider yourself a winner. They are a specific species of human and they are absolutely wonderful.
Random person-"Aye bro..did you hear that she's has a friend named Brittany?"
Some other random person-"Yeah dude, she wins at life. I couldn't get her to even look at me."
Random person-"Hey now, don't take defeat, Brittany's tend to be very badass, they are hard to gain attention from."
Some other random person-"Hmm, I understand. Maybe I still have a chance to attain a Brittany in my life!!"
by You like how I describe it. November 06, 2014
a solid and loyal friend who is always there whenever you need her. brittanys are always willing to go above and beyond for there friends. Brittanys make horrible enemys cause they hold very strong grudges, it is very hard to get on a brittanys bad side but when you do watch out. brittanys will not tolerate being disrespected . Brittanys love there familys and friends very dearly and love to see everyone who is special to them happy, so they will try there best to make good things happen for there friends and family. A very good friend to have indeed.
wow she is so nice , she is such a brittany.
by sillylilly February 02, 2010
Brittany is a really pretty girl who loves pizza and Taco Bell, Dyeing her hair and piercings, Lord Of The Rings and Supernatural. And many other things. Shes quite a amazing person who can make alot of people smile. She's quite hardworking actually but hates her job but jk loves it. If you get a chance to meet her you are actually greatly lucky cause like i said shes a amazing person.
Brittany is quite a beautiful, gorgeous, pretty uh just everything nice and the person writing this definition is very happy he met her and is quite a sweet nigga for her. When she reads this definition he hopes it makes her smile cause her smile is one things that makes the author of this quite happy.
by RandomSweetDude December 18, 2014
brittany are kind have a good heart they are not usually the most popular but are up there. brittany can have blonde moments but the are usually quite smart. brittanys are not afraid to be themselves but can have moment when they doubt their awesomeness. you do not want to piss off a brittany cause the can hold tight grudges. they are weird(in a good way)random and all around awesome
P.S they may want to be a jedi
person 1: did you see brittany yesterday
person 2: yeah shes so random
by teenage mutant ninja turtles November 21, 2012
A very sweet girl, possibly the sweetest most generous girl you will ever meet, very loving and always there to help out when you need her. She makes the best friend anyone can have. Very inspiring girl with loads of potential.

Britney has the best smile ive ever seen, so sweet that it just brightens their day when people see her. They are mostly born with red hair, and with eyes that can light up any room she walks into. She has great fasion style and never boring always the life of the party. They are always honest and loyal will never tell your secrets and will always be there for her family and her friends. She can be shy till you get to know her, but then look out here comes brittany!
Guy: wow! who is that girl? She seems so sweet, is she always that reserved?
girl: That's Brittany. She can be shy till you get to know her, but then she is the funniest and sweetest person you have ever met!
by Kaybug December 18, 2013
Brittany is a crazy brunette with brownish green eyes. She could be your bestfriend or worst enemy. If you're her bestfriend than your lucky. She's got your back whenever you need her and she'll forget what made you sad in three minutes. She's the best friend you could ever want. She's funny, caring, beautiful, kind, hyper, excited, etc. she doesn't care what you think about her and she does what she wants. She makes the life of Sabrina the greatest.
Is that Brittany? Wow she's beautiful!
I wish I were as funny as Brittany.
by The meatball April 13, 2013
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