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1. An awesome girl. The girl of everyone's dreams and usually popular. Always 8-10 on looks scale. I love her.
Dude 1: Damn look at her she's sexy!
Dude 2: Don't bother she's a Brit-Brat she's outta your league, besides she's with alex
by jetboi808 May 26, 2011
What you call a girl who thinks, acts that she is pregnant only to lose the baby(s) and then become "pregnant" again when a new boyfriend comes along.
Say man, who is that girl who just started working here?? I heard through the grapevine she is a Brit Brat. She's been "pregnant" 4 times with quads and 1 time with quint.
by ATXmoneymike January 29, 2014
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