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an outright falsehood
He was spewing brips.
by kaboom February 24, 2005
Shredding a turn on a snowboard or skies. Also accomplishing anything in general, but usually only exuberant things.
I bripped that mountain.
You sure bripped that RBV.
Cherish the Brip.
by teefmurray February 08, 2009
To take a bong hit. To smoke from a bong.
I took a b-rip last weekend or We were taking b-rips in the welding booths or you can just yell B-RIP!!!
by toker May 17, 2004
Short for Bong Rips. It originates from high people saying "Bong riiiiippppppppssss" to one another.

Often said in a high pitched voice and pronounced with a hard e, like creep. Used primarily as a call to fellow stoners to rally.
Guy 1: Brips, brips! Come and get your brips!
Guy 2: Brips, brips? Brips, brips!
Guy 1: Briiiipppsss indeed.
by 420happy December 14, 2009
To bong rip, or rip the bong.

To inhale smoked marijuana from a water pipe.

shiet nikka letz take some fuckin brips and kick a freestyle over some madlib instrumentals yo.
by analog March 18, 2004