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Shredding a turn on a snowboard or skies. Also accomplishing anything in general, but usually only exuberant things.
I bripped that mountain.
You sure bripped that RBV.
Cherish the Brip.
by teefmurray February 08, 2009
To take a bong hit. To smoke from a bong.
I took a b-rip last weekend or We were taking b-rips in the welding booths or you can just yell B-RIP!!!
by toker May 17, 2004
When your father a blood, yet your mom is a crip, the child is a brip.
Ayyy cuh, what you rep?
Straight OG Brip!!
by Young Thuganomics May 11, 2016
Short for Bong Rips. It originates from high people saying "Bong riiiiippppppppssss" to one another.

Often said in a high pitched voice and pronounced with a hard e, like creep. Used primarily as a call to fellow stoners to rally.
Guy 1: Brips, brips! Come and get your brips!
Guy 2: Brips, brips? Brips, brips!
Guy 1: Briiiipppsss indeed.
by 420happy December 14, 2009
To bong rip, or rip the bong.

To inhale smoked marijuana from a water pipe.

shiet nikka letz take some fuckin brips and kick a freestyle over some madlib instrumentals yo.
by analog March 18, 2004
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