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Brint, is a sweet, funny, caring, loving, and gentle guy. but when you make him angry he will snap at revenge and dispise you greatly. They are great boyfriends, loyal and trust worthy. They like metal music and have amazing arms. so muscular. deep voices and they get their words all messed up, its very cute. they are so pride filled about the girl they date. they will show her off to the world and not care what people say. Once he falls inlove he wants that girl and only that girl. but he is hurt easily, fragile hearted, be gentle. Be a loyal loving girlfriend and it will take you on a long and wonderful realtionship.
Katie: "You two are so cute together, i think you got lucky with this one girl. Brint is a keeper!"

Brie: "I will! I plan on marrying him" <3333
by Brie1267 October 22, 2011
The words Brillant, Lit and mint combined to make a new word, Brint. The word should only be used when a person or a thing is all three of these words.
Ur looking Brint today
by Brintgal101 September 23, 2016
A mixture of the words 'brilliant' and 'mint.' Created by Luke Gather
Wow, the new single by Feeder, Shatter, is so brint!
by Stephen Marsh October 02, 2005
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