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(adj) To be on the brink of laughter. If one is Brinkies then one is (in the parlance of our times) a Brinklet
1."Look at you you little piglet, you're totally "Brinkies"!

2. I was born "Brinkies"

3. "You're just a little Brinklet thats all you are..."

4. "Queenie?.. yeah she's always brinkies..."
by Hilarious Rob August 06, 2008
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A very cool message board owned by a cool person
"I been posting at brinky"
by Rachel July 22, 2003
A loser place, for teenboppers
'I go to teh BrINKY AND teh I am Teh jenny luber!! gorillaz!!~~"
by Kate July 25, 2003
ripoff of nova
"brinky want to be sooo cool...but its not nova
by caysee August 13, 2003

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