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Language created in GMO (Global Mu Online), basiclly a mix between english and portuguese/spanish. It's used by people with lack of english (mostly latinos and brazilians) or by dudes that make fun of them. Its main characteristics are: misspelled words (yuo, liek, teh, ong, plox, mens, iten, etc), wrongly conjugated verbs, poor vocabulary and wrongly translated words.
random latino: HEPL PLOX MENES!!! me is very hackeado, i is teh T_T!!!
Dude1: wtf did he say?
Dude2: i think he was hacked or something
Dude1: roflolmao

a classic example of bringlish talking
by Raos January 25, 2008
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a new language that revolutionized the world of mu
yuo nao liek tehy?
u is noob
mi is biba i is teh knosh and mi is love gaga <3
Gaga loevs knish we is gay and we is liek to spik bringlish!!!11!!1!!!1
by Knosh teh gay February 16, 2008
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The Bringlish language that makes possible the communication in Global MU Online. It's the most used nowadays and starting to be spotted in another online games. It's spreading around the world and may follow the same path as Klingon Language.
Here some quotes of sentences of MU players took from public forum, this is some pure Bringlish, not so exaggerated as German Bringlish:
Mitnick: Atention with dominium.
Nethouse: What you speak no worries me ... I never imported..
Mitnick: no comentes!
Nethouse: My letter is full with Dominum cryinf for dont kill them^^
Mitnick: Thx for reposted.
Nethouse: Party fix is party fix..
by Troll Menz February 23, 2008
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language onli for prahs in gmo
u is nabo much , mi nao is
itens porfabor men soi pobre
nid problen? aff
u iz liek bringlish?


by Leg~ February 22, 2008
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