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Jamaican terminology meaning: Mad, Angry, Upset
English: Don't get me upset today
Patois: Nuh get mi bringle in ya today
by Jamworld October 13, 2013
What a random dude at a bar calls you when you ask them to guess your name

Also can be Bringleberry
Brittney: what's my name

Random guy: idk.. Is it Bringleberry

Yes. Yes it is
by Bringleberry February 07, 2014
Describes the act of being sneaky dumped by someone you were very casually dating and/or didn't care much about in the first place. Encompasses the feeling of a slightly bruised ego and confusion, perhaps followed by bitterness.

a break-up + when you're single = a bringle
"George stopped responding to my texts...I think I just got bringled."

"Laura hooked up with someone else at the bar in front of me. What an embarrassing bringle."
by lpadxx March 17, 2013