Bright Eyes is a paradox At the same time you think he’s painting a dark world with no hope and, no purpose he cracks the door to understanding letting sunlight shine through. Showing you that its not really the world that is bad, its what you felt had value in that world that was the darkness, but what truly matters is not only beautiful and bright but greater than you could imagine. Wrapping tales of love and loss intertwining them with biblical references, metaphors, and almost every other writing technique available at his disposal.

Listening to bright eyes is like an inside joke its not a matter of that most people couldn’t get the message, its that he keeps his message concealed, so that only those willing to open their eyes and minds will have the joy to laugh with him. With a kind of wink to his intended audience he’s Creating emotion and insight into our own reality with every word he writes, it’s a poetic triumph of humanity, poetry being the natural progression of humanity.

I study every word he utters hoping that it will give me just one more insight into his brilliance, He takes you through the pages of a long ago written story book, turning each page with care being careful to not bend fragile a page. It reads Like a mix of a text book and a sonnet. The true greatness is not what that story says but what it inspires, it leaves words unsaid allowing free thinking, reevaluation, and rebirth. Not only is this story taking you through your own transformation but the story itself is one of Conors own coming to terms with disdain for his life.

He wraps you up in a warm cocoon of a blanket with his grainy, abrasive, yet warm vocals. He creates a sense of comfort just so he can tear that away from you very metaphoric as well, for how he views life and wants you to view it. He makes you question all of your preconceptions about the world around you and how you interact with it. He doesn’t reject the existence of God but questions it, not giving you the answers making you yourself come to your conclusions about what you truly believe.

How Conor makes you feel is impossible to put into one feeling or emotion he forces you to experience everything with him, he uses imagery to an extreme as in the case of Fevers and Mirrors, fevers being symbolic for whatever ails you or oppresses you, the mirror self examination or reflection in whatever form. Scales being symbolic for are attempt to solve our problems quantitatively. It would seem a collage of senselessness, but becomes clearer and clearer as your let in on the joke.

The feelings that he evokes aren’t those of just some angst rocker whose mad at the world or his parents, He is a well spoken brilliant writer who uses the same style as past poets, questioning his surroundings not only to learn more about them, but more about himself because just like a newborn we still learn the most about ourselves when were examining the world around us.
"Bright Eyes Is brilliant"
by Jon Mykel October 14, 2005
Top Definition
one of the most beautiful bands or singers in the world.

but conor oberst's lyrics are, like his voice, embittered, jaded, querulous, pessimistic, optimistic and unsteadily joyful at the same time.

he could be described as the voice of our generation.

to me, anyway. and countless other fans.
and i sat watching a flower as it was withering
i was embarrassed by it's honesty

so i'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face
not this fucking wreck thats taken it's place.
by twix July 07, 2004
1. noun Emotional indie band from Omaha, Nebraska headed by Conor Oberst and one of several bands signed by Saddle Creek records co-founded by Conor Oberst. Conor Oberst is the only constant member of the band, but over 30 other musicians helped create the most recent album: Lifted or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground.

2. verb To create an emotional song with the aid of many people to give it a full-sounding, orchestrated sound.

3. adj. Someone who listens to and supports the band Bright Eyes and/or Saddle Creek records.
Noun: I cried because Bright Eyes is touring in Europe, and not here.

Verb: The three of them are usually the only ones playing, but they Bright Eyesed this one with that other band.

Adj.: She is a total Bright Eyes indie girl.
by Emily June 08, 2004
Goodness, where do i begin..

Bright Eyes are an emotional band that incorporate many different genres of music into their own individual style. Conor Oberst is the only recurring member of the band, whilst the remainder of the lineup changes continuously. i was introduced to them through a friend a couple years back, and i soon got 'lifted' (which, by the way, is amazing). the new albums: 'digital ash' is alright, but it isn't a brilliant reflection of the bright eyes material. although i enjoy it, it's just not like their other stuff, which is fine but i didn't expect it. 'i'm wide awake, it's morning' seems to me like a perfect album ('road to joy' and 'at the bottom of everything' are standouts).
conor is the most amazing songwriter. he's in that band Bright Eyes that you should know about.
by Tom Reeves March 30, 2005
indie band thats headed by Conor Oberst and various friends of his.
No Lies, Just Love made me want to Love, Fuck, and Die at the same time.
by Kaitlin October 08, 2003
Bright Eyes are a BAND, from Omaha, Nebraska. Many people think that "Bright Eyes" refers only to the frontman, Conor Oberst. Although he is the only permanent member of the band, he is not "Bright Eyes". He and the other musicians performing on his records are "Bright Eyes". Producer and multi instrumentalist Mike Mogis is also sometimes considered to be a part of Bright Eyes.

Conor Oberst writes music which captivates a large number of contemporary teenagers. He writes of depressing events in his life which are often not true. He believes that his own real personal details are irrelevant and distracts fans with exaggerated fictional biographical events such as his mother drowning one of his brothers in a bathtub each year for a period of a few years, who were all named "Padraic".

Some of the references made to his life, however, seem to be vaguely based on the truth. He makes frequent references to problems with drinking and is often drunk when performing on stage.

Conor also has written a few politically driven songs. The most notable of which being the sarcastic "When The President Talks To God". However, he is rumoured to be moving away from such subjects for his forthcoming album, scheduled for early 2007.

He is also the epitome of non-conformity. He refuses to play shows in which the corporation "Clear Channel" are involved and refuses to sign to any major labels, staying with his current label, Saddle Creek, which he founded himself in his hometown.

A lot of Bright Eyes fans are obsessed with his most "emo" songs, such as "Lover I Don't Have To Love" and have no interest in his songs which tilt more in the folk direction, i.e. "Waste Of Paint". These fans are often "Scene Kids" attempting to look cool. However, Bright Eyes do have a large base of genuine fans.
1. Bright Eyes is so hot.

2. Song - "An Attempt To Tip The Scales". This is scripted and not actually Conor's voice.

3. Song - "Hit The Switch"

4. Song - "When The President Talks To God". (Not recorded in a studio. However, a live version is available on "Motion Sickness (Live Recordings)")

5. Many a show has been cancelled due to Conor's hatred of Clear Channel, much to the disappointment of hundreds of fans, but shows are usually re-scheduled to other venues.

by you'renotabrighteyesfan July 18, 2006
A band, formed officially in 1995 by Conor Oberst in Omaha, Nebraska. Bright Eyes, Contrary to what has been written on here has THREE constant members, Nate Walcott, Mike Mogis, and obviously Conor Oberst himself.

His song catalogue is pretty expansive, and he has a lot to offer, Bright Eyes as a band has produced 7 Studio Albums, and will continue to work on another one in november.

Technically indie/folk rock
"have you heard That shitty pretentious emo band, Bright Eyes"

"no douche, they are an indie/folk band, and you know nothing of them, so shut your face"
by VACANCY DENIED September 02, 2008
a great band that has the young and beautiful conor oberst in it. an indie band from omaha.
Kevin:Bright Eyes is performing this week!
Amy:Wow they rock my socks!
Anne: Conors so hot!
by Monique February 09, 2004

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