The best place to hangout at if you're bored in Fairfield, Ohio. every teenager has been here either to hangout, makeout, skate or do stupid shitt no one else would do. if you haven't been're lame.
Matt: Let's go to bridgewater and get monsters and skate.
Brandon: okay bruhhh
by KYLE XYed July 01, 2011
Top Definition
Bridgewater is a small town just south of Boston. It used to be mainly a farming community though few working farms exist there anymore. Lake Nippenicket, aka "The Nip" and the Taunton River are in Bridgewater. Bridgewater is also home to Bridgewater State College, or BSC. We have a T station and lots of fast food restaurants. The 99 was probably the biggest thing to hit Bridgewater in a long time. Bridgewater-Raynham Regional Highschool is really, really old but we are in the process of building a new one. Bridgewater and Raynham become the same place when you get to highschool. If you're from Bridgewater then you know that going "uptown" means you are going to the Roche Bros. plaza and that it's practically impossible to walk into school without your Dunkin Donuts and Mary Lous in the morning. You also know what "the Dome" is and that it's no longer a dome. You probably drive Rt 18 and 28 daily. You know that the fireworks are always on Legion Field. Being from Bridgewater, it is necessary to know about the "Bridgewater Triangle". The Triangle extends from Abington to Freetown to Rehoboth and includes the Hockamock Swamp area in Bridgewater. It is believed to be an area of intense, paranormal activity, including Bigfoot sightings.
Bridgewater Dialogue:
A: Hey, wanna go uptown and get Dunks?
B: Yea, I gotta stop at Roche's first to get stuff for the party at the Nip tonight.
A: Okay, I'm gonna run over to Raynham real quick and pick some people up.
by Alana2187 September 25, 2005
A town on the edge of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia. This is the bogan capital of the world, where the crassest, filthiest, scummiest bogans live. These people don't shower, say F**k every second word, they are inbred, set fire to people's houses, do drive-by-shootings and have complete disregard for the law.
She was soooo sloppy and loose, she probably came from Bridgewater
by Mr P R Fister March 27, 2005
A town located in North Central Somerset County, New Jersey. It is often stereotyped be being dominated by snobby rich kids who think they are from Orange County, actually this is only half true. Bridgewater is a geographically huge town that is somehow 99999 times more boring than the majority of the other smaller towns around it (namely Somerville). The population ranges from the preppy, obnoxious rich kids who wear only Abercrombie, Hollister and so on...but also to the wiggers of neighborhoods like Bradley Gardens ("BG") and Finderne, the towns two comparatively lower income neighborhoods (which are still well above the national average either way). In between, you find scene kids, shitloads of them, Bridgewater is known for having the hgihest concentration of scene kids anywhere in New Jersey except maybe Hillsborough...who all flock at the shittastic Bridgewater Commons Mall, which is a terrible ripoff mall and if your going to pay that much, you are seriously better off at Short Hills than at that dump. Most of the adults in Bridgewater are completly oblivious to how terrible of a place Bridgewater is, as the majority of them either a. Grew up their or b. Are from the crappy towns in North Jersey and NYC/Long Island and wanted to live somewhere "secluded" and "scenic"...the majority is that at least 3/4 of the kids in Bridgewater want to leave it...the only even remotely interesting thing to do in town is play lazer tag at the Sports Arena, which is actually really good, but good luck having it be a convience, because in Bridgewater you could be 20 minutes away while still having the same zip code.
Kid from random other NJ town: So where you from?
Kid from Bridgewater: Bridgewater
Kid from random other NJ town: Oh that sucks dude
by Colonel H May 30, 2009
a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada pretty much a crappy town haha but pretty narley at the same time XD, it's also and hour away from Halifax Nova Scotia
stanley: "ya'll lets go to Bridgewater and kick T.O.B's ass"
everyone: "OK!"
by Kaylee Croft January 19, 2008
A large town in the norther part of Somerset. More commonly known as:
Bilgewater because the disgusting smell as you enter its outskirts from the south. Also an insult. To call some a Bilgewater or Bridgewater is calling them a smelly, unwashed piece of shit.
Anyone who likes it there is either insane or criminally insane.
Bilgewater is like Hull, but locally. The crappest town in Somerset.
Person 1:Hey you! Bilgewater/Bridgewater
Person 2: How dare you!! *SMACK!!*

You get the point
by The Informer December 16, 2004
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