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A Massachusetts town south of Boston. It's small, boring and theres nothing to do. It will soon be the home of two, not just one but TWO Super Walmart's. Raynham's most exciting attraction is...uhh...there's nothing here. We get all the shit from Taunton and Middleboro coming here for Walmart. "Downtown" Raynham is a Tedeschi's. There is a Video Xtra Adult Superstore, and that's the only worthwhile thing we've got. We go to a regional high school, BR, thats biggest priority is sports, mainly football, rather than education.
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Raynham.
Person 1: Where the hell is that?
Person 2: We're the place that's getting two Walmart's!
Person 1: Oh yeah, you guys have that great Porn superstore.
by Tonyyyyyyyy March 08, 2006
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